Charger Bracelet

A bracelet to charge your devices whenever you need it


Screen Cleaner

A spray to clean your device screens whenever you need it




The USB charging bracelet is a practical and convenient solution for always having the charging cable close at hand. The USB bracelet is a stylish accessory attached to your wrist as a bracelet, and when you need a charging cable, you just need to remove the bracelet from your hand.

The charging bracelet is a stylish and compact solution, thanks to which you can avoid carrying long cables.

- For charging and data transfer
- Elegant accessory for the hand

Screen Cleaner

2in1 Microfiber Screen Cleaner is one of the most effective tools to have for cleaning your screens. It's a so succesful product due to its easy way of working and just how convenient it is. The spray is very small and can fit into almost every pocket you got. When neccasary you spray!

Very convenient for its size and 2in1 way of use. You spray one or two times on the screen and use the spray bottle to wipe of the liquid making it clean.

- For cleaning your phone-computer-ipad.

- Convenient for it's size and use.